The Changarawe Project is a UK registered charity which raises funds for five initiatives in Changarawe village: a nursery school (Zawadi), an orphan support programme (Nigel Lloyd), an elderly carer support programme (Babubibi), a microfinance scheme, and a peer educator programme. The Trustees of the Changarawe Project, who are all unpaid and based in the UK, meet at least twice a year to discuss the distribution of funds and the project’s development. Rose Baylis is the Chair of Trustees.   The five initiatives are delivered by CDTFN, a Tanzanian registered NGO consisting of 15 employees and based in Changarawe village. The salaries and running costs of CDTFN, as well as the costs of delivering the five programmes, are paid by The Changarawe Project. The two organisations work together under a Memorandum of Understanding, which is renewed annually. CDTFN is run by its three most senior members: the Executive Director (Felistas Kalomo), the Programme Officer (Gaspar Ngulwa) and the Secretary (Mary Fulgence).   The activities and governance of CDTFN are overseen by its own executive committee, consisting of the Executive Director and four independent committee members. In addition, the various activities carried out by CDTFN, including those funded and audited by The Changarawe Project, are subject to scrutiny by a number of different committees, each of which consists of a mixture of CDTFN employees and other residents of the village.