***’Vicky on the Wast’ Report***

The Changarawe Project introduces Vicky on the Wast!

The Lake District, 27-29 May 2017


In 2014, we set a challenge and attempted to climb the height of Kilimanjaro without leaving the UK, and completed an amazing 5 ascents of Kilimanjaro with a team of 19 people in 48 hours …! How did we do this? 4 ½ ascents of Ben Nevis equals 1 ascent of Kilimanjaro, and thus ‘Kili on the Ben’ was born. With sponsorship, our team raised £15,000, helping to ensure that the valuable work in Changarawe village continues.
We have a new challenge for 2017.
On 27-29 May 2017, we are attempting ‘Vicky on the Wast’. Our target is crossing Lake Victoria, in Tanzania, as many times as possible in 48 hours. Once again, we will seek to achieve this without leaving the UK....
Wast Water, in the heart of the Lake District, is the deepest lake in the area. The diameter of Lake Victoria at its widest point on The Tanzanian border is 160 miles, Wast Water is 3 miles long so 53 1/3 lengths of Wast Water = 1 Vicky. Simple!
We have set no boundaries to this challenge except that the rules of the Lakes prohibits unlicensed craft on the water.  We are therefore planning to kayak in locally sourced and licensed craft, swim, run/walk around the edge, or climb the nearby Scarfel Pike -- all distances covered in whatever way chosen will count to our Vicky total.
We are staying in the Woolpack Inn and have also rented their Boot School Bunk House which has 26 beds in bunk form, plus a kitchen. Caro, with her Kili Katering Krew (now known as the Vicky Victualers!), is planning a big cook up of food to fuel the team.
If you are interested in joining us – and it should be fun for all ages – contact Mark Baylis on mbaylis79@googlemail.com
If you want to sponsor us, look for the donation page on Virgin Money
We are trying to raise an ambitious £20,000 this time. All donations, however small, will help and encourage us in our challenge.