Nigel Lloyd Fund for Orphan Support

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This fund was started in 2004 as a memorial to Nigel Lloyd, brother of the founder of The Changarawe Project, Carolyn Walford. The fund provides educational support for 150 orphans from the start of primary school until they leave full-time education, either after their O-levels or even later for students who take A-levels and go to university and those who get onto vocational programmes.

We currently (Nov 2016) have 63 students in primary education, all of whom attend one of the three local primary schools (Changarawe, Mzumbe and Vikenge). We have 73 students in compulsory secondary education (up to O-level), almost all of whom attend either the local school (Mongola) or the school in the next village (Kipera). We also have six students taking A-levels and three students at teacher training college.

Selections are made by a small committee comprising welfare staff from The Changarawe Project plus representatives from the Muslim and Christian communities in the village. When children are selected for the Nigel Lloyd Fund, the first things they are given are a mattress, bed-sheets and a mosquito net. The fund provides all the accessories needed to enable a child to attend school, starting with uniform, shoes and a school bag, plus books, pens and pencils and so on. Students are expected to present their school report at the end of each year.

Children supported by the fund who need extra medical care are taken to and from the clinic or hospital by Suzan, the nurse. The children also benefit from a monthly social, where they share a meal with the staff and the bibis and babus, and can socialise together. All children receive a monthly supply of soap and teenage girls are given sanitary towels.

In 2012 we completed the construction of new orphan welfare centre to hold the social days, and it also serves as a library, stocking a broad selection of Tanzanian textbooks and past papers. Year groups from Primary Standard 5 to Secondary Form 4 (O-level) take it in turns to come each evening after school; they receive a meal, a one-hour booster class in Maths or English, and the opportunity to spend a few hours using the textbooks for independent study – and they all have solar lights so they can get home safely after dark.

The library has proved a successful addition, as Nigel Lloyd orphans are three times more likely to pass their O-levels than the Mongola Secondary School average. To give a further boost to the centre, we have just installed 15 computers there, and will shortly be using Whizz Education software to help students improve their skills in Mathematics - a subject in which our students have not performed well in the past.

The fund is partly supported through interest from an endowment fund and the rest through regular donations in the form of standing orders or fund-raising events. Students in post-18 education are supported by individual sponsors.

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